Asha Rivers, Co-Founder/Partner

Asha Rivers is the l’ambassadrice (The Ambassador) of La Societe Secrete (The Secret Society). She has over 30 years of corporate professional experience working in the entertainment, health and retail industries at a senior executive level. She has an expertise in lobbying and advocacy and actively lectures at a number of universities on public policy. She has a core competency in advisory work with corporations, government agencies and charitable organizations. Ms Rivers identifies with being heterosexual, but open to alternative experiences

Christine Brooks-Cropper, Co-Founder/Partner

Christine Brooks-Cropper is the la stratege (The Strategist) of La Societe Secrete (The Secret Society). She has over 26 years of working directly with the creative economy community identifying ways to retain and support new and established designers, fashion retailers and creative businesses. She has extensive business development experience working with DC Government, federal government and the private sector and has owned her own non-profit for the past 10 years. Ms. Brooks- Cropper identifies with being heteroflexible (try-sexual), willing to try anything- very curious!